Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The perils of hyper local blogging

Or something.

I can't help but notice that it has been rather a long time since I posted anything. The reason for this is that, with very mixed feelings, in December I moved from the heart of the people's republic of Hackney to the Essex town I went to school in (Colchester). I miss the buzz of London, the not-knowing-what-you-are-going-to-find-round-any-corner, the random art, the great (yes, I know, surprising) early years services. But we have gained many rooms to replace a two bedroom flat, a garden, and nearness to family and extended family (on my side at least).

Trouble is, what do I do with this blog? I can't keep calling it Hackney Hackette. It's annoying as I got listed on a lot of other sites but to be fair, I assume they want to read about Hackney which is going to be unlikely. Do I continue here but change the name (can you even do that), or start another blog and link it to this one? And what can I call it? Colchester something? The Voyage Home? Something to do with Romans and castles, Twinkle Little Star or Old King Cole? I'm sure you can't stand the suspense. And what are you still doing here anyway? Wasn't it a bit dark and lonely all that time?

Anyway I shall now be writing about being a mum in Colchester rather than Hackney, which I anticipate will be less trendy, but you never know - half our street seems to have moved here from London Fields so perhaps we too will have a cafe, a cupcake shop and a fill up your own bottle of wine place before you can say "Wilton Way".