Monday, 20 July 2009

You Have Been Watching

Spent Sunday evening sitting on an uncomfortable chair at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith at the filming of You Have Been Watching.

I now have a weird crush on Charlie Brooker, but definitely not on Frankie Boyle, (the only guest I recognised) who (whom?) I think is funnier edited.

There were a lot of very lame giraffe jokes. I don't know how may will make it to the final cut. I mean rubbish jokes, not jokes about lame giraffes although there may have been some.

I thought I saw Oliver Burkeman, who I remember from Cambridge, next to us in the queue but since I'm pretty sure I have mild face blindness, not great for a journalist, I didn't say hi, in case it was not him but someone vaguely famous who I didn't really know.

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