Tuesday, 30 June 2009

"In a strange, wild frenzy he has fled the ship's bridge"

Last night lovely school friend came round, which is a nice thing in itself, but she brought with her the gift of Star Trek. Specifically, she has shelled out about £3 on eBay for two episodes (City on the Edge of Forever and Trouble with Tribbles) and a documentary stunningly packaged in an oh so realistic “tricorder”. God I love that show. Having not seen an episode for years, I was ready to cringe through them, but no, although we were chuckling along a lot of the chuckles were meant to be there (a lot weren’t – but I like to think they were friendly chuckles. Yes, Star Trek, we’re laughing at you not with you but you’re just so cute! It’s like laughing at a toddler’s funny antics!).

And its not all laughs, I did find I was still interested in the characters and stories too. Why is Star Trek so loved, mused the Shatner on the documentary, and decided “mythology”, and “characters” which is exactly what I was thinking. Kirk=Ulysses, tricking his away around the galaxy. And ripping his shirt a lot to show his manly chest.

It is amazing how everyone, from the actors to the director and the guy who does the music seems to think they are on a stage in a theatre rather than on TV though. It’s like they are making a show for people who are sitting about 20m away from the TV so all gestures, music etc has to be emphasised to the factor of 20. All the scenes are blocked like they are in the theatre, and they actually have scenes, and acts. It’s a strange experience when we are used to more naturalistic acting, faster and more fluid cuts, and incidental music that you don’t even notice.

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