Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer fashion

I know it's a cliche, but the Brits really can't do summer workwear. On the way to work this morning on the Tube I noticed a number of "looks" being "rocked", few of which were both pleasing and appropriate.

The Scruff (boys): plain shorts and crumpled shirt for those making a bit of an effort, shorts and manky T-shirt for those who really don't care

"I haven't invested in a new summer wardrobe/ acknowledged the fact that I have gone up a dress size since last year" (girls): Very tight skirts or straining sleeveless dresses.

"I do not acknowledge changing seasons"/ "I work in an Artic air-conditioned office": No concession made to the fact it is not winter apart from no coat - suited and booted for the lads, black suits and opaque tights for the girls.

"I am going to the beach" - Revealing/ floaty summer dresses (girls), garish shorts and T-shirt (boys)

"I am thrown into a massive quandary by the hot weather and must put together an outfit based on random items from my wardrobe"/ "We have had more than two hot days in a row so all my summer clothes are now in the wash apart from these weird things" - I really can't describe these outfits, they are just strange. Examples include odd fitted black tuxedo style waistcoat with sides cut out that pushes out wearer's cleavage, and ...actually I was so taken aback by that I can't remember the others.

Since you ask, I am sporting a long dress-type top over jeans. Not really workwear at all, so I would add myself to the list of people who can't dress for summer.


Hackney_bloke said...

I'd be quite happy wearing shorts and T-shirt all summer, and since I work from home, that's generally not a problem. However it was pointed out to me this weeks that my cut down shorts did not have matching leg lengths - which sort of pleased me. Have I created a new category, or do I fit into one of yours?

Hackney Hackette said...

The Scruff, obv, but as you work from home it doesn't count.