Friday, 16 October 2009

Bye bye Spurstowe, hello Wiltons

It's all go in our part of Hackney. The Spurstowe Arms appears to be closed, although I don't know why, it always seemed rammed as far as I could tell. Shame, we liked having a trendy local, and I have fond memories of the time I slipped the leash of baby rearing in the early days when it seemed like I was a prisoner in my own home and nipped over the road for an illict glass of wine and a book for an hour. (HackneyBloke seems to have formed some memory that I didn't drink at all when I was breastfeeding, but I think he's thinking of some ideal mum that isn't me).

But one door closes, another opens, and we now seem to have a trendy coffee shop three or four doors down rejoicing in the name of Wiltons. And - and! - a local radio station, London Fields Radio, broadcasting "from the window of a independent coffee shop behind Hackney Empire" (quite a long way behind). I think it might be a bit too trendy for me and Small Boy, but we shall see. Maybe they would like me to do a show on the exciting developments in facilities for the under-fives in the area. I know all the hot spots.


opus said...

Has the Spurstowe Arms closed?

Hackney Central Labour seems to think that its still one of the nicest venues in the borough?

I am confused.

Hackney Hackette said...

Apparently it has now reopened, although it was shut for a few weeks with no signs up or anything. I sent HackneyBloke over to do some spying under the guise of having a pint of beer (which was £3.50) and he reports that there are new owners, they keep running out of beer, and the prices have all gone up, but apart from that all is much as it was.

I wouldn't have pegged the Spurstowe as a Labour hang out though, it always seems full of trendy graphic designers up from Hoxton for the evening. You live and learn.