Monday, 29 March 2010


So today was supposed to be HackneyBaby's due date -  s/he has 4 hours to make an appearance. Today two people on Holloway road stopped me within five minutes of each other to tell me what sex of child I am having - hilariously one said a boy and one said a girl. Are the people on Holloway Road particularly psychic/ deluded/annoying?

Went to Mothercare to pick up last minute essentials - sheets for the Moses basket as a loft monster seems to have eaten all the ones we had last time, and a changing bag - I thought I'd manage with a normal bag but suddenly decided it had to be a "proper" changing one. I was finagled into filling in some form for "money off vouchers" ie "please send me direct mail forever". "Oh, you've put today's date instead of your due date," they said. "No, that is my due date." "You're due today? Go home! Get out of our shop!"

HackneyChild fell asleep in the car on the way and slept soundly while Hackney_bloke did the food shop and I waited in the car, then I did the baby shop and vice versa. He was sorely disappointed when we got home and he had missed the shopping, and had a big tantrum. I tried to talk him out of it by saying "Let me read you that book." "No! That is not a nice book! Someone gets eaten up in that book!" It's a nursery rhyme collection, no-one gets eaten to my knowledge. I also tried Milly Molly Mandy but it appears the same applies, although we couldn't pin down exactly who gets eaten - not Milly Molly Mandy or Billy Blunt apparently.


Sarah said...

I'm laughing like a drain over the shop panicking that you could pop on them any minute.

People thought I was about to drop from six months on (it was more Haargen Dazs than baby, but I was silly huge) and some looked like they would have happily shoved me out of the premises given half a chance.

Looking forward to the birth story post ( :

I love birth stories, especially by witty writers.

Hackney Hackette said...

You'd think that being Mothercare they'd be used to heavily pregnant people browsing the shelves, wouldn't you?
I think mine may be more cake than baby, I do hope so, my nephew was a ten pounder :-O