Thursday, 15 April 2010

Books for breastfeeding

My memories of breastfeeding HackneyChild are of course mainly from the latter stage of his career, so I remember deftly doing things with one hand while supporting him with the other. I had forgotten that little new babies need careful positioning and adjusting, so my plans to both catch up with my own reading (at night) and read to HackneyChild to keep him happy (during the day) have been knocked a bit.

Still, I am managing to reead to HackneyChild a bit and I am choosing long books in chapters to keep us both interested, mainly from my own childhood. He likes Milly Molly Mandy, and so do I  - I find the writing charming, and I think it is amusing to introduce words like "skein of silk" and "tea cosy" into his early vocabulary.

I also have Meet Mary Kate from my own childhood, which I don't find quite so charming but he likes the story about Mary Kate being ill and having her room redecorated particularly, I don't know why. I'm having to do a bit of editing while reading  - Mary Kate's "black doll Bobo" is either just a doll or has a proper name, and the story where Daddy interrupts Mummy who is cooking to get her to sew a button on comes with the line "Of course, he could just have done the sewing himself". (I remember my Mum doing the same with the Famous Five ("Julian is being very silly. Of course girls are as good as boys.")

I also want to get from my Mum and Dad's Aurora and the Little Blue Car (seems to be out of print), a tale of a Norwegian little girl who lives in a towerblock and whose Daddy looks after Aurora and baby Socrates while Mummy works in an office (again it's all tiny things that are big adventures to children - they make jam, they ride on the mechanical horse at the shopping centre etc) and Matthew's Secret Surprises (they get the car cleaned, they get a new cat). Oh, and Tales of Joe and Timothy (tower block again, also has a character called Aurora, strangely). I wonder if there are any similar more modern chapter books about the small things that children do, that other children like to hear about? The Harry and the Dinosaur books are similar and we like them very much, but they are shorter.

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