Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dr Who, hey, Tardis.

Due to colic monster baby I have very limited access to two handed typing, so must write three blog posts all at once when by happy chance he is sleeping and not SCREAMING. [Any colic solutions welcomed by the way. HackneyBaby is transformed at 4pm every day into monster child. I think transporter beams may be involved.]

So my thoughts on Doctor Who so far as I'm sure Teh Internet is just gagging to hear them. I am far too tired to look up the names of the episodes so probably have them wrong.

The Eleventh Hour. Thought the "eating random foods" bit was very child friendly and wondered if we were seeing a metamorphosis into more of a children's show, but no. I liked how Matt Smith Doctor first met new companion when she was a little girl, so the relationship starts with him being older and more authorative and even when she is then older this feeling continues - otherwise with the actor being so young it might have felt more like two equals. Really like MS and Amy Pond is looking like one of my favourite companions ever. But what do I know, I liked Adric.

I went on to dream there was a sinister crack in HackneyChild's wall, but it turned out it led to a Salvation Army hostel filled with Australian backpackers, and our main worry was that they would wake him up.

The Beast Below.  Really really liked this in terms of style and atmosphere. What I love about this programme is the Britishness, there's enough US sci-fi, so UK-in-space rocked. But the plot was pants. Why keep feeding children to the beast if it doesn't eat them? What was the point of the Smilers? Still really liked it though. I love that Amy took about ten minutes to get captured in the grand tradition of companions.

Er, that Dalek one. Not so keen. Liked Spitfires in Space. Liked the robot. Liked Daleks making cups of tea with teeny Union Jacks on. But a bit bored of Daleks now, even Smartie coloured ones.  And what's with Amy having a crush on the Doctor; why do they all have to have feelings for him? Been there.

That Angels one I love River Song. I have no idea if this is a popular view as my internet surfing time is limited, but as with the Adric thing I suspect it is not. I like the idea of a relationship where the first time you meet your "wife" she dies. The angst. I look forward to the next episode.

In conclusion: I am liking the Moffat era.

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