Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Trendy cafes are breeding on our street

Now we have not one but two trendy cafes on our road. After the opening of Wilton's last year now comes Violet, a cake bakery and cafe - at least somewhere you can get a cake and coffee -  which is apparently set to open very shortly. This is very exciting, as cake is one of my favourite things.

It is bizarre that we now have two trendy cafes, a gastropub, and an arty vintage shop, when none of these things were here when I moved here, let alone Hackney_bloke who moved in some years before he let me join him. Back then we had a weird and very random shoe shop and a dodgy pub, and Hackney_bloke's scooter was set fire to outside our flat.

Of course, the bookies next door is keeping it real. And it wasn't that long ago we had our front door knob stolen - twice. But cafe owners and arty people, we appeal to you, keep up the good work and let's see those house prices soar ;-)

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Hackney_bloke said...

I comes out of my mouth and straight on to your page!
I do hope Violet makes a go of it, although at £2.50 a cupcake I doubt I'll be frequenting it too often. It is so odd to note the changes down that street. It used to be better known as a dumping ground for stolen cars than tasty treats.